The Ground Control Station is an ultra-portable control system valid for all our products.

The supplied case incorporates electronics along with a radio module to remotely control our devices. This robust control station has been designed for high mobility applications, incorporating all the control electronics in a Surface Pro Series Tablet. The ultra-high-definition widescreen display on 12″ is ready for outdoor use in high light conditions. The touch screen allows you to control the system without any auxiliary device. The high battery life of the Surface Pro Series Tablet allows you to use the system for long operations.


  • Built-in electronics and data radio module.
  • Surface Pro Series rugged tablet designed for high mobility applications.
  • The electronics are located in a removable cover, allowing easy installation on the Surface Pro Series Tablet.
  • Easy handling. UHD widescreen from 12″.
  • Ready for outdoor use in high light conditions.
  • Touch screen support. There is no need to use an auxiliary device.
  • Long battery life. Up to 10h.
  • Suitable for remote control of all UAV instruments products.