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ONS 2500 is a new multi-rotor design, with a unique design in the market. Its functionality and simplicity of operation make the ONS 2500 an essential tool for you. The equipment has been created around a robust monobloc body and resistant to the inclemency built in carbon fiber. It has been designed to be useful in various applications, mainly to fly with photogrammetric equipment and special sensors in which a high load capacity is required (2.5 kg standard that can be extended up to 3 kg). It is possible to incorporate FUL HD video recording systems, cameras, thermographic cameras, etc. Its special design allows to house inside the fuselage a photogrammetric camera installed on a brushless gimbal of special design.


  • Robust carbon fiber body to withstand bad weather conditions.
  • Designed specially for big payload capacity such as measuring instruments and sensors.
  • Possibilty to adapt highest resolution video, still camaras or thermal camaras.
  • Option for locating a photogrammetric camera if necessary.
  • For short flights or in difficult areas.
  • Maximum payload: 2.5 Kg extended to 3 Kg.
  • Simple funcionality.
  • Aerodinamic frame design.
  • Accomodation for payload inside bay
  • Easy to control with the widescreen HD display of the control system.
  • Autopilot configured and gains set.
  • RC transmitter programmed and switches set.
  • Possibility to adapt an FPV camera. Simple funcionality.
  • High quality video.
  • Easy to carry and store. Rugged check‐in luggage size bag.