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TAMBO is a RPA developed for professional photogrammetry, remote sensing and recognition applications, capable of incorporating an RTK to provide centimeter accuracy and no ground support points. It has been designed to be useful in various applications, mainly to fly with photogrammetric equipment, LIDAR applications and special sensors in which a high load capacity is required (4.5 kg standard that can be extended up to 6 kg). It is possible to incorporate FUL HD video recording systems, cameras, thermographic cameras, etc. TAMBO is an easy-to-operate equipment that requires a few days of training for new operators thanks to the simple take-off, autonomous flight and automatic landing method. The system incorporates autonomous flight procedures including a series of pre-programmed emergency fail-safe options according to the standards of aircraft safety standards.


  • RPA developed for professional mapping, remote sensing and recognition.
  • Capable of incorporating a RTK to provide centimeter accuracy without ground support points.
  • Possibility to use in different applications, mainly for specialy made measuring instruments and sensors where a big payload capacity is needed.
  • Maximum payload: 4kg that can be extended to 6kg.
  • Highest resolution video, still cameras, thermal cameras or lidar applications.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy take off, autonomous flight and automatic landing.
  • Autonomous flight procedures.
  • Easy to control with the widescreen HD display of the control system.
  • Simple funcionality
  • Closed carbon frame
  • Easy to carry and store. Rugged check-in luggage size bag.
  • Flat core motors.