Our team

UAV INSTRUMENTS focuses its efforts on providing customers with innovative products for the UAV industry. Our team includes technicians and engineers with experience in the design and development of innovative projects, and we have a strategic partner with extensive experience in the sector.

Eric Alfonsín

Composite Technician and Pilot


Cristina Posada

Software Developer


UAV INSTRUMENTS was born in the spring of 2016 as a result of the effort and vision of two companies with a well proven track record in this UAV sector. The first one,  CARTOGALICIA, , with more than ten years of experience in the use of unmanned aerial platforms for the surveying sector, and the second  ANSI, , engineering oriented to industrial services from the design of innovative solutions. The business strategy  UAV INSTRUMENTS focuses on the development of different flying platforms with different payload capacities and autonomies, together with different gyro-stabilized gimbal systems to be integrated in our platforms. MARINE INSTRUMENTS acquired in October 2017 a majority share of UAV INSTRUMENTS . Marine Instruments has excelled since its inception and globally in the development and manufacture of satellite buoys and monitoring equipment for the fishing industry and has been developing a solution based on on a fixed unmanned wing to support free-swimming tuna fishing which will make it possible to dispense with the helicopter on large tuna vessels.